2018 Classic Army Nemesis Overview! – Airsoft GI

Mike goes over a few of the changes to the newly revised Classic Army Nemesis!

The Nemesis will now come standard with the BAS stock. The BAS has more than enough room for all of your different batteries. Whether they’re LiPo or NiMh, whether they’re stick or nun-chuck style, the BAS can fit them all!

The Nemesis now features 100% ambidextrous controls so regardless if you shoot left or right handed the Nemesis will be comfortable in your hands!

Just like every other gun in the Classic Army/Apex line the Nemesis will come with the newest 3 Prong QD Fast Attack flash hider that can accept the Classic Army Fast Attack QD Suppressor without modification! There is no longer any need to void your warranty to add a mock suppressor onto a build that is just begging to get a suppressor to complete the clean look of the gun!

Checkout the newest additions to the Nemesis line here!



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