23 Crazy Custom Airsoft Pistols – Ghost In The Shell, Obrez, Nailguns and More

23 Crazy Custom Airsoft Pistols – Ghost In The Shell, Obrez, Nailguns and More

This quickly became me biggest episode of The Airsoft Tops Series. I just couldn’t bare to cut anyone out of this showcase.
23 builds stood out the most out of over 300 submissions from Facebook groups like The Airsoft Heretics Group, The USAirsoft page, and the 1911/Hi-Capa Replicas Group.
23 builds from around the globe to make this pistols countdown a really difficult episode to top.
I did my best to show off the common platforms, the causal, and the extreme builds with HiCapas, Glocks, handmade constructions, and even a couple classic airsoft guns from the past.

There’s a lot to talk about here like Oliver’s Obrez, Manu’s Ghost In The Show inspired Seburo CX, or George’s $7,000 M1911 collection. Be sure to tell me what you thought about these builds and especially tell me which one you loved the most!

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