34/250 Airsoft Guns Shooting Compilation (SUBMIT YOUR FOOTAGE)

34/250 Airsoft Guns Shooting Compilation (SUBMIT YOUR FOOTAGE)

I tried to keep it a secret that I was piecing togather a part 2 of my 2nd biggest video on the USAirsoft channel but I’ve hit a bit of a snag. Finding 250 MORE unique airsoft guns to fire for the compilation is a lot easier said than done so I thought I’d ask you guys for some help.
I’m looking for a few guns to include into this project and maybe we can make the end result even bigger than I first planned,

To submit footage for this project you’ll first need a camera, a low volume or quiet place with good light to film your guns shooting.
I would like to have all submitted clips framed like the ones you saw in this teaser. Nice close ups and even a rack of the bolt in the beginning if you have a gas blowback.
If you have any further questions then feel free to ask them in the comments or send me an email at scottsusairsoft@gmail.com with your questions or footage so I can add them to the project.
Thank you for your interest even if you’re just enjoying the teaser, I still appreciate you watching!

List of replicas I’m hunting
Shoei MG42
Asahi WA2000
Maruzen Micro Uzi
Tanaka Resident Evil Revolvers
VFC Gas Blowback G3
VFC Gas Blowback M27 IAR
Tanaka PM63 (WZ63)
Echo 1 Minigun (Short or Long Barrel Assembly)
Any Shell Ejecting Shotguns
Inokatsu M60e3
Duel Wield Gas Blowback Mac11s
WE Tech Gas Blowback MP5 (Any)
Socom Gear Shell Ejecting Barrett
WE Tech Gas Blowback P90
Any M1919
GHK Gas Blowback Tar21

Have something else special that should be on this list? Send me an email of what you’d like to film for the project and I’ll make sure it fits!

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