5 Crazy Custom Airsoft Guns – Call of Duty Raygun, Crossbow Sniper & More

5 Crazy Custom Airsoft Guns – Call of Duty Raygun, Crossbow Sniper & More

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Parts List
Peppe of Sweden – Shovel-47
Peppe from Sweden made this out of an old used CYMA
Got $130? Then build a Shovel-47, then bury it to get some of that good rust growing on it.

Jeff Repairsoft of Belgium – Crossbow Tokyo Marui VSR-10
Tokyo Marui VSR-10 that was stock once upon a time but now it’s a straight pull short barreled hybrid that could in retrospect hit 800 FPS if you were to tighten the bow and have a full sized barrel.
Jeff Repairsoft of Belgium said it’s the only one like it in the world and that this could reach about 270 feet with good ammo.

Ross Radford of The Explosive Enterprises Airsoft Team- Airsoft Flamethrower
it’s pretty much all off-the-shelf plumbing hardware except for some 3D printed parts here and there, making this a relatively simple build to put together if you have some knowledge, $75 in your wallet and 6 hours to pass.
This will make any confident HPA user going for ROF or DSG wizard respect you as you pour out bbs at 100-140rps at 150-450fps, depending on pressure output

Joshua of California – Call of Duty Zombies Raygun Mark 2
Joshua said When he saw a 3D printed model of the ray gun on Easton 3D, He just had to make this one on screen apart of reality.
Krytac PDW Mark II
Joshua also decided to experiment with the XCortech XT301 compact tracer
The ray gun was obviously not intended to house an airsoft gun so Joshua had to get to work with a dremel. After all the pieces were cut and checked for fitment, the painting was next.
Spray paint and acrylic paint was carefully applied
The green paint is actually florescent so it kind of glows under UV lights which is super cool.
After bondo, super glue, duct tape and Velcro, it was finally done.
This build took a respectful 80 hours and $650 in spending cash to make complete.

Clement of Denmark – Classic Army M249 Chainsaw Build
Clement still plans on making it a more juggernaut-optimal weapon by putting a HPA engine in it, and making a ammo backpack feeding both bbs and air to the weapon.
systema magnum motor
Core 18:1 gearset
Guarder 130 spring
Airsoft pro hop up chamber
G&G Green hop up rubber
Madbull python 455mm 6,03 inner barrel
An Shs piston with 2 metal teeth
An Airsoft pro nozzle
A Shs cnc piston head
And a Shs cnc cylinderhead
Then came the outside overhaul that consists of an A&K m249 nutsack mag
The Mugen Fire chainsaw grip
3 scar cas v rails
A Cyma swordfish front muzzle break
A Chinese M249 lower rail handguard
Airsoft pro dummy 5.56 rounds
And the Classic army m203 long grenade launcher

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