.672 cal paintball & 6mm airsoft flaregun shell fails vs non Pfizer Mike Yeadon second wave fail

normal people correct their errors & FAKE MEDICAL QUACK$ NEVER DO it & THATS dangerous ,
paint ball, & airsoft, shell standards aren’t, &, the Marui shells are wider than a real shell
maara the khajiit says you can convert an orion 12 gauge flare gun, for mad bull airsoft shells
make the chamber longer ( ATF INTENSIFYS) & dull the firing pin so you don’t wreck the shell
& push it out about 1/32nds of an inch

pfizer CSO? Ziarco vice president? Mike Yeadon, told talk RADIO he does not believe
there is a second wave, and has challenged the Government to prove otherwise.

let’s PRETEND you’ve entirely discredited the guy. Do you have any knowledge or counter-arguments to his assertions about human immunology, which he at least seems to be conversant in? “No, why should I when he’s been completely discredited?” Just ban his videos! Too “dangerous” for people to see… Wait, what about Darwin? May I not decide for myself what is “dangerous”? Oops. Forgot. You’re smarter.

So the thing with those airsoft ones is that they don’t actually work with normal firing systems. They use what we call a push trigger. So if you had a normal trigger where the pin strikes it, it would break your shells. If you clicked on the Reddit post and actually read it instead of just taking the title at surface level you would know that the trigger on that was modified. There’s no spring and the firing pin had to be extended. Now if you put a shotgun shell in it, it’s just gonna softly push the primer. It won’t fire. Even if you make it metal. And those flare guns are bored out in a way so they’re too short to use any commercial shells. And you’re wrong about the ban of paintball and pellet or airsoft guns in California. We have one of the biggest Airsoft distributors in the country getting stuff from Asia and Europe and all over the US. Not to mention we have some of the most famous paintball parks. I’ve even ordered stuff straight from Asia for airsoft. I don’t get your point with this video but

it sure sounds like you think flareguns and airsoft guns are a loophole to get dangerous illegal shotguns out there.

They’re not. If you look into it anymore than “well this has a breech face and this has a 12 gauge bore” you would know that’s not possible.


https://www.airsoftspecops.com/myink/ViewPage.php?file=docs/APS CAM870 Shotshell vs. Goblin Solo.Deuce Shotshell

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