8,000 RPM Airsoft Gun vs 50 Cans (Strafer MK4)

This is the Strafer MK4, the mother of all Vortex BB guns, taking on fifty aluminum cans filled with water and food dye. Viewers participated by submitting names to be included on these cans, and a big thank you to anyone who watches my videos! This will double as a four year channel anniversary video, which is three days from now (August 14th).

According to the manufacturer, this gun fires at 150 BBs/sec and 625 FPS with .2g BBs on this regulator. (8,000 RPM is an estimate based on counting BBs from the high speed footage.) Went through around 4,000 .28g Bio BBs here, which adds up to this being the most expensive thing I have ever filmed. The gun stopped halfway through because I had to shift the BBs around, because I didn’t have enough to fill it all of the way.

Special thanks to M4j0rR0B (Rob) for help on this (along with many others) video and Taofledermaus (Jeff) because without his advice and help in the past I wouldn’t even be making videos anymore. Thank you to anyone who watches this, or any of my videos!

Here’s the full list of viewer names:
1. Pobels, Blue
2. Everythingairsoft1, Green
3. ShotsInAction, Red
4. RickRuKuS, Red
5. Exo Fan, Green
6. AirsoftSwatTeam41, Red
7. Wlbigdog, Blue
8. Ibexkid, Red
9. billhaley1868, Blue (Fire)
10. Jesse Casserly 757, Green
11. TheGooStick, Red
12. Cavanaughkid3, Green
13. CreateAccount649, Red
14. MonteLSV6, Blue
15. GRUxGUNZ, Red
16. EdgelessFire, Red
17. gm382, Red
18. Sam French, Green
19. TheGreenMarine, Green
20. Meverixairsoft, Red
21. airsoftspud95, Blue
22. Jobeloy, Green
23. Jacob, Blue
24. Owen, Green
25. mrbadx19, Red
26. Whitehead953, Red
27. AirsoftReviewerHD, Green
28. Will Clark, Red
29. CCCPLT, Red
30. Taofledermaus
32. Hank C., Red
33. Aaron Sloan, Red
34. Jlvrz95, Blue
35. CasioEXF1Freak, Blue
36. Bowman580, Green
37. I’m Bored, Red
38. Njnewland, Blue
39. Greataardvark, Red
40. MrCoD2569
41. airsoftwazzup, Red
42. Fred, Red
43. M4j0rR0B


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