Airsoft GI – G&G G96 Full Metal Mauser Gas Powered Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

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The G&G Mauser G96 Gas Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun is a great option for someone who is looking for a reliable, bolt-action gas sniper to hit those hard to reach, long-range shots during their airsoft field matches. The nylon polymer stock makes the gun extremely comfortable to use, and the weaver rail on top provides a prime mounting location for your scope. The 15 round capacity magazine gives you plenty of chances to hit your target, and the adjustable hop up allows you to make sure your bb’s are going exactly where you want them to.

-G&G G96 Mauser

-Vism Vanatage Scope×42&categories_id=&x=0&y=0&inc_subcat=1

-Vism Evolution Scope×50&categories_id=&x=0&y=0&inc_subcat=1

-Elite Force .32g bbs


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