Airsoft GI – G&G Top Tech and Combat Machine M4a1 Internal and External Comparison

There is a common misconception in the airsoft world that the G&G Top Tech guns are just Combat Machines with a metal body, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This video outlines the differences between G&G’s top of the line model AEGs and their economy lines of AEGs so that you have a better understanding of what you’re paying for. Take a look!

Other Notable features of the Top Tech M4’s Include:

Β· Forward Assist Acts as a Spring Release
– Real guns use this function to make sure the bolt is not stuck. Our forward assist releases the spring to make sure the spring is not under tension when not in use.
– Traditionally guns without the spring release needs to be put into semi and fired twice to “hopefully” release the spring.
Β· Functional Bolt Catch
– Pull back the charging handle and press the bolt catch to hold the bolt in place (hop-up adjustment). When you hit the bolt catch it will release the bolt plate just like a real gun.
Β· Pneumatic Blow Back System (G&G Patented)
– Pneumatic System is better than a mechanical system as it does not put a drain on the battery or have troublesome mechanical failure. Easy replacement if needed.


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