Airsoft GI Uncut – Ares MCM700X Spring Sniper Rifle

ARES prides itself on high performance and long range accuracy, replicating models held in high regards by military and law enforcement snipers. Each ARES gun replicates the look and feel of their true life counterparts, incorporating original and innovative designs. Top-quality constructions can easily be seen from CNC-milled components, metal/alloy receivers, and generous use of polymer-reinforced parts.

ARES has been well known for creating high quality airsoft guns with one of the best internals. The ARES MCM700X Spring Sniper Rifle is no different. The entire body is made out of a very strong, lightweight polymer material. The front of the body as well as the hand grip portion near the trigger is textured for more grip and control. The cheek riser and butt pad are adjustable to the user, providing maximum amount of comfort as well as proper eye relief. Some other features include a monolithic upper rail giving the user multiple options when mounting their optic. The barrel and trigger assembly are constructed out of metal for durability and performance. The magazine feeding system is unique compared other airsoft sniper rifles. This design makes the airsoft gun look and function more realistic. Lastly, the metal components of this airsoft gun are finished with a matte coating to protect the gun from scratches as well as prevent reflection from any light to conceal the user in certain environments. Being that this gun is spring powered, you will not have to worry about running out of gas. Overall, this is another well built airsoft gun from ARES and is sure to perform exceptionally well on the field.

Manufacturer: ARES
Model: MCM700X
Muzzle Velocity: 440-450 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 45rds
Color: Black
Package Includes: Gun, Magazine

6.03mm Tightbore Barrel
Polymer Body
Metal Barrel Assembly
Metal Trigger Assembly
Adjustable Cheek Riser
Adjustable Butt Pad
Front / Rear QD Sling Mounting Points
Matte Finish
Unique Magazine System
VSR-10 Compatible Parts: Cylinder, Piston, Spring, Spring Guide, Bucking, & Barrel


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