Airsoft ROCKET LAUNCHER Gameplay! (Tactical Scooter)

Playing Airsoft at Fort Hood Military Base in Texas With Rocket Launcher (RPG-26)

Loadout Im Wearing – Gear From Grey-Shopru
– Helmet “Maska-1” Tachanka Edition
– Suit Gorka 3 “Federal” (Gold Berezka)
– SSO Smersh PKM Pouch Set
– Defender 2 Classic

Event: Operation Starburst 2020
Event Host: Third Coast Airsoft
Location: Fort Hood, Killeen Texas, USA

– PolarStar F2 M240 Bravo MMG + RPG-26 40mm Grenade launcher

Friends Im Playing With!
-Airsoft Brad – Instagram = Trident_Thad
-Hey guys Revention here: Youtube Channel = youtube /Reventian

Part 2 coming Soon!

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