ASG Ruger MK 1 Gas 6mm Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review – ASG Ruger MK 1 Gas 6mm Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review.

-Gas Powered
-6mm Plastic Airsoft BB
-17 Round All Metal Drop Out Magazine
-Ruger Mark I-III Replica
-Semi Auto – Double Action Only
-Non-Blowback Action (Gas )
-328+ FPS (Should be pretty high)
-Available from

This video is a walkthrough review of the ASG “Ruger” MK 1 Non-blowback Gas Airsoft Pistol. I show off this airgun close up from all angles and point out the plastic and limited metal components and also the features and benefits of this Airsoft pistol. There is no actual shooting or testing of this pistol but I will be doing a follow up Filed Test Shooting Review shortly!

I think it may come down to how this ASG Ruger MK 1 Airsoft Pistol performs before I can give it my total thumbs up, I really wish it had a single action trigger but for a double action trigger it feels pretty good and I love the sounds of the internal hammer dropping. The fully adjustable sights mean that if this gun performs well in terms of accuracy then being able to dial it in to the bulls-eye will make it that much more enjoyable to shoot. Overall I like this pistol, the ergonomics are exactly like the real Ruger Mark III and even though much of the external build is plastic, it still has a good weight to it due to the all metal magazine and other internal metal parts.

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