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Location: D14 Airsoft – 3201 Cowling Rd Sanger, Texas
Event Date: February 28th, 2021

As the war between the Rebellion and the Empire rages on, the Emperor has escalated his tactics. Moving from all out war, to special operations in the dead of night proved to be more effective, but even as they drained rebel resources, the Rebellion remains victorious in the region of Delta-14.

A convoy leaving the Imperial Capital is suspected to be carrying a new deadly virus, COVID-69. To what ends could the empire be harnessing this virus? Is it for use as a militarized weapon of war, flying in the face of sanctions with other nations? Could this implement merely be a means of preventing a similar attack from the Rebellion, finally resorting to dastardly tactics to push the Empire back once and for all?

This very convoy was ambushed in the No Man’s Land between Delta-14 and the Capital, by a group of unknown assailants. Examining the slain attackers revealed the identifying marks of the Rebellion being carried out by Commander Blackbird at Delta-14. This small skirmish will undoubtedly lead to the outbreak of another major battle, as the Empire seeks to crush the threat of COVID-69 being used against them.

Only one thing is for certain, COVID-69 holds the capability to become a weapon greater than any other known to man. It is a virus so powerful it can bring an Overlord to their knees in mere seconds. Such a weapon can only be a threat no matter which side possesses it. Will you fight for the Empire, to restore law and order? Will you fight for the Rebellion, promoting liberty and freeing the oppressed? Take the field at D14 for BB Wars: Hydra’s Head!

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BB Wars: Operation Hydra’s Head Trailer | Airsoft GI


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