Best Airsoft Gun (AEG vs Polarstar vs Gas Blowback vs Tippmann)

This video is meant to serve as a buying guide for someone new to airsoft or someone looking to purchase a second gun different from what they might already own.

We compare an AEG (Bolt Electric Blowback) vs a Gas Blowback (KJW M4 GBBR) vs a Polarstar (VFC body) vs the new Tippmann M4 Carbine (Daytona Gun type system). I am aware that we left out another airsoft system and that is spring powered guns but for our purposes we only focused on guns capable of full auto and typically considered more skrimishable.

The video goes over all the major aspects to consider when buying a new gun including Price, Sound, Recoil, Realism, Upgradability, Adjustability, Cost of Operation, Versatility and All Around.

Of course we attempt to be objective and factual but we do express our opinions and preferences so this is not a science experiment.

Also a big thanks to Airsoft Master for lending us the Bolt M4 rifle to complete our comparison. Check out their very well done website and if you are in the LA area stop by their store located at:

7903 Knott Avenue
Buena Park, CA 90620

Also sorry about the no safety goggles during some shooting portions, don’t do that, bad example here.


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