BEST BEGINNER AIRSOFT PISTOL! – [Complete Guide to Purchasing Your First Airsoft Pistol]

Recently, we made a video discussing how to go about purchasing your very first airsoft gun. Since then, we’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a video on how to purchase your first airsoft pistol. So here we are! In this video, we hope to answer all your questions as we give you a complete guide from start to finish on everything you need to know about purchasing your very first airsoft pistol. If you have any questions about anything you saw in this video or about buying your first airsoft pistol, please leave a comment below and we will reply to you as quickly as possible!

Chapter Shortcuts –

Part 1: Where & How to Buy a Pistol – 2:07
Part 2: Terminology & Pistol Types – 4:04
Part 3: Pistol Attributes to Consider – 10:27
Part 4: Pistol Options & Brands – 14:17
Part 5: Best Beginner Airsoft Pistol – 18:02

EU Sites Map:
UK Sites Map:

Complete Guide to Purchasing Your First Airsoft Gun:

Pistol Torture Test:

Links to websites we often order from –
Airsoft Mega Store:

Link to best beginner pistol in our opinion:

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