Bolt B4A1 AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle with BRSS Recoil Review – Bolt B4A1 AEG Blowback Airsoft Rifle with BRSS Recoil Review.

-6mm plastic BB’s.
-AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) with BRSS (Bolt Recoil Shock System)
-Semi & Full Auto selectable.
-420 fps.
-300+ round magazine.
-6 pounds.
-15 inch barrel.
-Metal and Nylon build.
-Reviewed by

This video is a walkthrough full table top and shooting review of the Bolt Airsoft AEG B4A1 Carbine with BRSS (Bolt Recoil Shock System). I show off this rather unique AR styled Carbine close up from all angles and point out the main components and build materials used. I test the feet per second using .20 gram Airsoft BB’s using a Chronograph to see what the actual FPS is. I also test this the Bolt B4A1 from 30 feet away in semi and full auto to see how it really performs in terms of accuracy with the extra recoil bouncing it around! I even find a good use for a decomposing pumpkin.

The Bolt Airsoft B4A1 Blowback Airsoft Carbine is a great compromise for the avid Airsofter looking for a practical skirmish weapon, but also craving the realistic experience of having blowback with recoil which up until now was really only provided by Gas Blow Back systems. I really like this concept and find it great fun to shoot even if its just for plinking in the yard. The overall quality is very good and you just have to love the M4 platform it’s based on. If you’re into customizing you can mix and match many external and internal parts with other existing Airsoft mechanical parts and I would imagine real steel accessories. I like mine as is with my addition of a riser and Red Dot and if I every get a chance to get out for a skirmish this will be my weapon of choice for sure!

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