Budget M4 AEGs for Beginner Airsofters! – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV

The most frequent question Tim is asked is “What is the cheapest yet coolest M4 AEG on the market? Oh yeah, I’m a beginner”. For the past month, Tim has been sending people to this particular product but he has never reviewed it until now!

The CG-003 is the full carbine length version with QUAD rails and an uninterrupted top rail for all your accessories and even more space for additional rails. On top are their own flip up, removable front and rear sights. It has a Amoeba style extendable stock. It’s length makes it ideal for outdoor skirmishes as the fps is a little high. Since it’s very accurate at ranges of 20 meters, you’ll have no trouble picking off your targets.

Link to Products:

Other Amoeba M4s:


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