Combat Airsoft Norfolk, Yellow vs Red, confusion between colours or just wanting to get a shot in?

Airsoft skirmish day at Combat Airsoft – Thetford, Norfolk on Saturday the 5th of December 2020.
The game play shows my perspective (SniperD) during game 2 of the day which was a capture the flag style game.
The red team (my team) had to keep a compound safe whilst the yellow team tried to take over the compound and push over the flags.
There was a slight disagreement during the game of the correct colour of the team you are fighting for.. you’ll make your own mind up but I’m pretty sure it’s clear that the chap at the top (yellow team) of the compound was wrong, especially for firing off a few rounds into my hand after…. If you were at the skirmish day and in the game let me know your thoughts, what did you enjoy about the game play? This is the first video I’m uploading but hope to be the first of many.

Equipment used –
Rifle – Sniper Novritsch SSG24 – fully upgraded.
Side arm -WE F226 (yes I need to get a better pistol!)

Cameras –
Go Pro Hero 4 session – Head Cam
Run Cam Lite. – 1st time using it and I think I had some of the setting wrong so apologies for the poor footage, it will be better next time! I also had a few occasions where it didn’t record which was a shame especially on the long shot at the top of the tower :'(
Insta360r – I need to get a better computer to render this footage, I haven’t added any 360 footage in this time around but I will try for the next videos.

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