Crazy High Power Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Shell Ejecting) APS APM50

APS APM50 Shell Ejecting 6mm (Airsoft) sniper rifle is one of the best realistic airsoft sniper you can get today, with a Co2 charged (heavy) metal shell that holds the gas and BB in one unit, shooting at approximately 500 fps! The gun is dead-on accurate and love eating heavy BBs, such as my 0.30gram aluminum BBs or 0.43gram Madbull sniper BBs!

This gun is great for all collectors but maybe not the skirmishers, unless you buy a few more packs of shells, which is $10+ per shell! I personally think that if you go milsim with this gun, it will be very fun IF your friends play with the rule and only snipe around with you in a big field. LOL!

Check out the specs and pics!

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