FREE EPISODE – Series premiere of the Airsoft Pro League

Here is the first episode of season 1 of the Airsoft Pro League ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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Time Stamp
1:37 – Meet the Contractors
3:48 – Airsoft Pro League Tournament Brackets
4:52 – Game Description
5:41 – Meet the Maraurders
7:06 – Maraurders Gameplay
11:14 – Maraurders Game Highlights
14:05 – Meet the Blackjack Tactical
15:37 – Blackjack Tactical Gameplay
19:43 – Blackjack Tactical Game Highlights
22:07 – Team Elimination

What is the Airsoft Pro League?

The Airsoft Pro League is an explosive live-action game show re-igniting the classic style of American Gladiator. Each episode pits a team of everyday airsoft players against highly-trained military and law enforcement personnel in high-stress, objective-based scenarios. Teams will battle until the final two face off in the championship gauntlet and one is crowned the Airsoft Pro League Champions!

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