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The NEW G&G Full Metal Gearbox Pneumatic Blow Back GR16 CQW Rush is an aggressive, high performance, fast shooting CQB AEG rifle. The GR16 CQW Rush features an integrated rail system and compact length barrel, with an ergonomic retractable crane stock perfect for close quarters battle! The GR16 CQW Rush utilizes the revolutionary patented G&G pneumatic blow back system which cycles the mock bolt with every shot fired. This unique feature adds an amazing sense of realism, and does not cause added wear to the gearbox as some other electric blow back systems can cause.

The NEW CQW Rush is a high-quality, high-performance CQB rifle, that costs much less than most comparable CQB Blow Back AEGs. The GR16 CQW Rush is a finely tuned, aggressive looking AEG which features many of the high-end features normally found only on much more expensive G&G Top Tech [$350+] models. This GR16 CQW Rush is an amazing bargain, due to its precision internals, pneumatic blow back Version 2 gearbox, and aggressive design!

G&G GR16 CQW Rush Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle
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