[HD] Everything That Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong! | Op: Clinch 6 | An airsoft Video Part 1

Valhalla Airsoft @ Battlefield Tazewell : Clinch 6 | Theta Events

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For several years Southwest Virginia and Southern West Virginia has had massive hardships thanks to government. When the Government shut down all fossil fuel power plants one winter without warning 1000s went without power, 100s died, and no one seemed to care. Those that remained did spoke up but that voice fell on deaf ears. Then when democracy failed and the cities started having issue then came help … but not for Appalachia not for those that had the most hardship.
The people fought back raiding supplies and cities. The Government had enough and has sent in what it believes a Special unit to calm the people but not all the people will be calmed …. The Stage is set for a small town in Virginia with a river that runs thru it….
Battlefield Tazewell: Battle of the Clinch 6

Multi Location Airsoft Milsim
CAP 175 players
4 AOs – 1 FOBs and 3 Direct Action Sites at least
BIO BBs only
Full rules on Theta Events FB page note and on website
++++++++++++++More Details Soon!!!! +++++++++++++++++
Wounded and Medic Rules
o A hit anywhere on body or gear is a hit
o Ricochets are not counted, (in doubt, call it)
o Friendly fire counts as a hit (BBs have no friends)
o Grenade casualty radius is 10’ – call it when in doubt
o Knife kills do not leave you wounded. You are dead
o The first hit or burst that hits you leaves you wounded
o Yell “HIT!”
o Go prone or take a knee (no more standing)
o Pull your dead-rag or red dead-light and keep it in your hand
o You MAY crawl to cover (crawl… not walk… not run)
o You MAY point and talk
o You CAN NOT shoot or throw grenades
o If you avoid additional damage, capture, or player bang bang for 5 full minutes you can be healed by another player or yourself with a bandage within 5 minutes after your mandatory 5 minutes
o You can be healed this way ONCE, once you have back to respawn for 5 to 10 minutes (depending on AO)
o Once Dead – Dead Men dont talk
o You can Choose not to be wounded and just dead and go back to respawn for 10 minutes if you don’t want to try to stay alive
o Do not Shoot Players with a Dead Rag on head
Special Rules
Requirements: Correct Uniform Code
Green based Military Camos
Multicam and MC Tropic allowed
Head gear must Match allowed colors
NO Hunting Camo
NO Desert Digital, DCU, AOR1
NO Black on top or Bottom
NO civi look Gear Color doesn’t matter DEAD RAG and Light needed
****Ammo Limits and Joule Limits when on field can reload to thesw limits any time****
Riflemen 600 rounds
Semi no MED
1.55 Joules with .32
DMR 300 rounds
semi 75 foot MED
1.99 Joules with .32
Sniper 150 rounds
Bolt only 100 foot MED
2.5 joules with .32
Heavy Sniper
40+ Cal Sniper 150 foot MED
2.99 joules must use .40 or heavier BB
Shotguns 350 rounds
1.5 Joules with .32
Support weapons 2500 rounds
fullauto allowed
1.55 joules with .32
50 foot MED
Must be real world LMG
HMG (Fullauto) 1500 rounds
1.99 joules with .32
100 foot MED (Large Cal)
SMG class 1000 rounds
fullauto allowed
1 joule with .32s
20 foot MED
Must be real world SMG (small round)
Most games run against an Opfor that is using the NO List

Other Rules
MAX Speed 5-10mph
50 foot MEDs.
No one within 10 feet of vehicle unless deployed from it.
Needs Dead Rags to show it’s out.
Types of Vehicles

Troop Transports
Can NOT be Shot with BBs.
Can Be taken out with Rockets over 30 feet away, Satchels, or landmines. Will not have gunners
Troops can dismount and load with a 10 foot buffer before getting hit or killed for safety of the Vehicle and players
Attack (Technical or Armor)
Allowed to have One Full Auto Gunner
Gunner has to be exposed and can be Shot with BBs. If gunner is killed must follow Wounded Rules but the Vehicle isn’t taken out.
Rest of crew are allowed to dismount and protect Vehicle or Stop and switch Gunner to Gun position. No just shooting out of windows.
Vehicle Takeout
Can be taken out by Driving over Landmine with tire, Rocket Strike (30 foot med on strike), 203 rocket strike, or hit with Satchel (must be at least 10 feet away) (under hand throw)

BBs do not Kill Vehicles only Gunners if they have them
Each Vehicle is recommend but not required to have spotter looking for hits and players if possible
Satchels and Rockets MUST Hit Vehicle, NO splash damage.

Land Mines are not to be hidden and tire must run over them to count as disable.

Satchels must be recharged at FOB after every use
Rockets must be recharged at Spawn after every use
Landmines once smashed are done.

Only Vehicle Drivers can move them (but not destroy) but can be shot doing so. See Less


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