How to create a moveable, removable, dynamic indoor Airsoft Targets and Wall Stands

I’d recently gotten into shooting Airsoft and since I can safely do it in the house, I’d spent the last couple weeks developing the most workable ways for me to set up targets and walls without building any permanent structures or solid pellet traps.

A big should out to @Pergite TacticalProjects for posting some of the best IPSC shooting footage I have ever seen on Youtube, it’s no small wonder that the Europeans dominate the World IPSC competition; those are some serious stages they’re shooting. As well, he has some of the most sensible shooting practice videos which I am going to use with my AirSoft, transitioning to 9mm come March.

Wishing that we had a much bigger basement, as if 1500sq ft wouldn’t be enough, but damn those retaining walls. Why do basements need retaining walls? LOL!!

If you have any further questions, please let me know.



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