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Welcome the first episode of Fox Airsoft’s Tech Talk

Kent from the Fox Airsoft Tech Department explains how you can increase the rate of fire of your airsoft gun. Increasing the rate of fire on your gun is not a necessary upgrade but it definitely adds to your ability to shoot other players effectively with much more BBs going downrange in a single second or burst fire.

You can increase the ROF (Rate of Fire) with any combination of the following.

– installing a high speed motor can add to the rate at which the gears cycle so you get an increased ROF
– Increasing the voltage of your battery will increase the rate that the motor cycles which results in a higher ROF. An 11.1 Li-Po battery is one of the fastest “normal” li-po batteries available on the market.
– High Speed bearings allow for everything to cycle with less resistance and high speed gears can have different gear ratios that increase how fast the piston cycles.
– Lighter springs make it easier for your motor to compress the piston and can allow for an increased ROF
– A Double sector gear can be used to “double” the rate of fire by putting the teeth on both side of the sector gear (hence the name: Double Sector Gear) but this can often be very hard on your gun unless other precautions are taken.

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