I Wish I Started Playing Airsoft With This! – Unboxing G&Gs NEW $250 Combat Machine (CMF-16)

I Wish I Started Playing Airsoft With This! – Unboxing G&Gs NEW Beginner $250 Combat Machine (CMF-16)

Seriously, if the CMF-16 was out when I was looking at getting into the game, I would have went and got one. Starting in airsoft can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be.
I get so many messages and comments asking what’s a good M4 for beginners so hopefully this video can help a few of those people make an educated decision while at the same time open the discussion of what could make this new G&G line even better!

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Time Stamps
0:00 Scott & Andy Intro
0:50 Unboxing The Newest Combat Machine from G&G
1:50 What Does The CMF-16 Offer You?
2:56 The MOSFET and Trigger Response
3:20 What Could Be Better
3:55 My Conclusions
5:11 Shout Outs To These Awesome People
5:40 Firing The CMF-16K

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