KJWorks M4 Carbine CQB Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle Field Test Review

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I don’t get many Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifles to review all that often so when I get my hands on them I sure have a great time testing them out and feeling the blowback action tapping me in the shoulder as I shoot in semi or full auto modes. Sure Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns don’t perform like their AEG counterparts, especially when you’re shooting in full auto. You can expect way less rounds in each magazine and even with less rounds the last 5 or 10 shots when shooting rapid fire are going to be compromised but I really don’t care because a well made Gas Blowback Airsoft rifle like the KJWorks M4 CQB Carbine GBB is just so much more fun to shoot than an AEG and way more realistic.

So let’s get on with my test results for the KJWorks M4 CQB Carbine GBB Airsoft Rifle… The fps consistency was really decent, super consistent when I spaced out my 5 test shots they averaged 377 fps, not really having any low or high fps shots out of the bunch. I did have a full gassed up mag and was using .20 gram plastic 6mm Airsoft BB’s for this part of the field test…

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