KWC Model 1911 All Metal Non Blowback CO2 Airsoft Pistol Table Top Review

Check out the my written Table Top Review for the KWC Model 1911 (Sig-Arms Sig Sauer 1911 GSR) CO2 Airsoft Pistol:

-CO2 Powered
-6mm Plastic Airsoft BB’s
-15 Round Magazine
– Sig-Arms Sig Sauer 1911 GSR Replica
-Semi Auto DAO
-400+ FPS
-Mostly Metal Construction
-Available from:

This video is a walkthrough review of the KWC Model 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol. I show off the All Metal KWC 1911 Non-blowback Airsoft pistol close up and talk about its specifications and features.

For a relatively inexpensive All Metal Airsoft gun you get a lot for your money with the KWC Model 1911, most importantly a very accurate reproduction of the real steal Sig-Arms Sig Sauer 1911 GSR firearm! If you’re a 1911 fan and want to pick up an Airsoft gun that won’t set you back too much, then the KWC Model 1911 would make a great choice with it’s heavy full metal weight, full size drop out metal magazine, accurate reproduction of the real steal Sig-Arms GSR and again that very affordable price tag.

Buy the KWC 1911 Full Metal Airsoft Pistol from the Canada Replica Airguns Store:

Check out my full Table Top Review along with additional photos on my website at:


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