LCT PK-331 EBB Recoil Review & Assembly | Best Recoil AK AEG? | AATV EP050

In which Anvil takes a look at and assembles the PK-331 EBB Recoil Kit from LCT Airsoft. This is probably the most vigorous recoil kit for an AEG on the market at the moment. Is it the best AK recoil AEG? WE don’t know though it is lots of fun.

It’s important to know that this kit was imported from Hong Kong and came in far to powerful for use in UK games. If you don’t want to have to change the spring before you even install the kit wait till there are British versions available.

Although we cover the PK-331 this episode will be the same for the shorter PK-332 variant as well.

We only recommend it for experienced players that are confident with modifying and maintaining their Airsoft guns.

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Tom ‘Anvil’ Hibberd

Production & Editing:
Black Dog Design


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