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Max Range TEST! How far can an airsoft SNIPER actually shoot? Swamp Sniper tests out the short barrel conversion on his SSG24 with M40 stock and the results are not bad. Keep in mind I only have an M150 spring in this and it’s been used a ton. You can buy an M160, Ma170, M180, and M190 for this thing. The M150 keeps me within my field limits.
Im using .48 Longbow BBs shooting at 342 fps or 2.59 Joules. With .20 gram bbs I’m firing at 456 fps at 1.88 joules. Many people believe their combat machine can fire over 300 feet. I encourage people to get a rangefinder and check out real distances. I’m aware a lot of people can build their rifle to outperform this one. I’m just surprised that it shoots amazingly stock. The hop-up still needs to settle in slightly. Let me know your max ranges in the comments below. I hope you got something good out of this and thanks so much for watching and subscribing!

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