Brand New for 2020, Low-Impact Airsoft from 8-year-olds to 12-year-olds or anyone who would rather play Low-Impact Airsoft. Brilliant family activity.

We have new, specially modified low-impact Airsoft guns that fire at a lower velocity than our normal guns. This means that the speed of the BB is lower and therefore does not have much of an impact on the Players when hit. Low-impact Airsoftis almost painless and that makes it so much more fun.

When we issued your Low-Impact Airsoft kit, your Instructors will explain how to use it and all the safety rules to ensure your play safe. Then it’s into battle you go. Your Safety Marshal’s will be with you all the way to explain each Battle mode and give assistance as needed to get the most out of your low-impact session.

There is no fixed program for gaming with Low-Impact Airsoft, we will cram in as many battles as we can to make your experience exceptional. Once the Battling is done, hand back your equipment and retreat to the Diner and swap Low-Impact Airsoft war stories.

Low-Impact Battles give you everything you need including unlimited ammo. Low-Impact Airsoft Party packs also include a meal and a gift for our VIP. Feel free to bring a cake and we will even put the “Happy Birthday” music for you to top off your visit,

You will have so much fun playing Low-Impact Airsoft that you will want to come back again and again


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