Mantis Blackbeard and Laser Training Academy : The best at home Rifle training

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In this video, we dive into at home rifle training with the Mantis Blackbeard and Laser training academy. Let’s see if this a product you can use while prices are still stupid.

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Mantis Blackbeard

Mantis Laser Training Academy

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Strike Industries enhanced bolt catch

Strike Industries ambi magazine release

BCM foregrip

Streamlight HL-X w/touch pad

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Taking a close look at the Mantis Blackbeard, we see it is a device that replaces the normal bolt carrying group. The Blackbeard then gives you a piston-driven device that can reset your trigger on each trigger press. Additionally, it can be set to shine the laser for a brief moment.

The battery pack of the mantis Blackbeard is then inserted into the magazine well. When it is properly inserted, you can hear the Blackbeard cycling to reset the trigger.

Once it’s set, you have turned your rifle into your own at-home training device. The Mantis Blackbeard also includes a full access code to the laser training academy if you would like to run practice drills or learn some fundamentals.

But I found it the most fun to dive through my house and clear it using this device. Suddenly I have a cost-effective and safe way to train with MY firearm and MY trigger. By doing this, I found flaws in my technique that I was able to work and I also found issues with my setup. In getting to practice in this realistic environment, I made my rifle setup more effective and I would have never thought of the needed changes previously.

And by clearing and practicing in my home, I gain a huge tactical advantage if I need to deal with a home defense type scenario.

Next, we take a look at the Mantis Laser training academy to see if it’s just as good as the Mantis Blackbeard. The laser academy uses your phone and an included tripod to run multiple drills. Also included are multiple targets that the app can recognize. You also select a particular laser cartridge to train with and I selected a 9mm cartridge to complement the Mantis Blackbeard setup. Now we can train with both rifle and pistol setups simultaneously.

The included drills allow you to do 10 shot marksmanship drills, multiple shots on multiple targets, and even speed duels with friends. You could definitely work with a friend to see who is faster and push each other to get better. I liked seeing all the included drills because a lot of people don’t know exactly where to start and this gives you a great path for both rifle and pistol training drills.

Hopefully, our review of the Mantis Blackbeard and the Laser Training academy has been helpful in determining if this would be a good training solution for you.

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