One of The Biggest Airsoft Collections On YouTube – Over 100 Guns

One of The Biggest Airsoft Collections On YouTube – Over 100 Guns – 878 Texas Airsoft

Dan told me he had a collection up stairs in his attic but I didn’t realize he meant he had one of largest collection in the state! This guy buys about 3 or 4 of every gun he owns! I saw 5 AUGs, 3 M60s, dozens of Sigs and G36s, and buckets of springers, parts, magazines, and more. Any classic airsofter might recognize a lot of the guns in this video like the JLS F200 or the STAR M60s but for those newbies Dan of course has a very limited Gold G&G AKM and his well respected Classic Army M134 Minigun. The thing that surprised me the most in Dan’s treasure trove was the fact that so many of the guns he owns are still in their original boxes with their manuals and original wrappings. Does he just buy guns so he can stack them in his attic? I don’t know, that’s the cool thing about Dan. He can show you one of his multi thousand dollar HPA builds than point to a stack of discontinued Tokyo Marui G36s and Sigs and say, “Yeah, I got some of those too.”
As far as I can tell this is the 2nd largest collection ever filmed and uploaded to YouTube right behind Khanseb as I think he beats Dans collection video by about 10 guns but I’m sure someone out there has an even bigger collection that’s just waiting to be filmed.

Notable guns featured:
Tokyo Marui AUG, Tokyo Marui Sig 550, Tokyo Marui Sig 551, Real Sword SVD, G&G Gold AKM, Tokyo Marui MP7 AEP, WELL R4 MP7 AEP, JG G3, Maruzen Raging Bull 6mm Revolver, G&G F2000, JLS F2000, Classic Army G36, Classic Army M134 Minigun, Star/Ares M60, Inokatsu M60, JG Scorpion AEP, SRC RPK, CYMA RPK, KWA G36, CYMA CQBR, Tokyo Marui Spetsnaz AK, Tokyo Marui Super 90 M3, A&K PKW

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