Paintball Gun to EPIC Air Rifle build | Part 2

Today I am attempting to modify a paintball marker into a semi-auto ball bearing firing beastie of a break down air rifle. This is part 2. I had some major troubles that we’ll have to be fixing to make this work…….

THis Cheap Paintball gun:

What do you think i should make next?

Amazon Store:


Ascendancy by TheFatRat

Other music by Epidemic Sound


My Gear:

BEST cheap folder:

my Multi-tool:

AWesome EDC flashlight:

My shop headphones (great for hearing protection too):

best sharpie ever:

SWEET mini screwdriver set:

Amazing cheap bushcraft knife (seriously just buy one):

Favorite machete:

My Camera Gear:

Entry level DSLR for videos (upgraded vers. of camera i use):

My on-camera mic:

Good cheap lav mic:

Studio lights:

My tripod (cheapo but it works):

Video editing software I use:

My laptop:


Ladies and gents, my name is Jake. Every week (mostly) I post a fun filled family friendly video in which I build something awesome using my brains and whatever materials I can get my hands on. Blacksmithing, bladed-object making, flamethrowing, science experiments, working props, and loads of other stuff. Come along and join the adventure!

I ain’t stupid. You might be. Due to that fact and my disinclination to getting sued, I tell you now that I take NO responsibility for what you may attempt as a result of watching any of my videos. Videos are for entertainment purposes only. Attempt at your own risk.


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