The BEST Airsoft Items from AliExpress & Wish (My Top 10)

► Today I’ll present you my personal Top 10 list of the best-purchased Items for Airsoft Loadouts I made on AliExpress and – I found a variety of fantastic items and gadgets to further and improve your airsoft gear and loadout. I share with you my findings from super nice holo red dot sights to some cool pouches & antennas, as well as some super funny bonus stuff 😉 I hope you guys enjoy my best items from AliExpress and Top 10 List!

► Here are all the Links – please consider signing up to AliExpress with my referral link if I inspired you to a purchase, that would help me out immensely!!! (you will get $24.00 in coupons to get you started) Also, I added some items as affiliate links.

#10 – Night Evolution MPLS

#09 – 155 BB’s Speed Loader

#08 – Emerson MBITR Radio Accessory Pouch

#07 – Flyee Chassis MK3 Chest Rig 9mm Mag Pouch Insert

#06 – Tactical Plastic Holster

#05 – TMC 1.5L Hydration Water Plate

#04 – Abbree Antenna SMA-Female For Walkie Talkie Baofeng UV-5R
→ 48cm:
→ 124cm:

#03 – Wish Water Pallet Grenade
V1 →
V1 & V2 → grenade/product/5c61438ddf552d4f1cd3b7e1

#02 – Wish Peen Springer
→ Sadly I can’t find it anymore. This was the title on Wish: “Water Shotgun Toy Gun Paintball Airsoft Air Guns Water Simulation Soft Bullet Pistol Toy Fun Game Accessories”
*UPDATE* → found by Phoenix Fam Member @Alexis Klingler :

#01 – 558 Holo Sight

→ Element LaRue Index Clips Rail Cover:
→ 2020 Helmet Sponge Protected Pads:

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