The Newest Airsoft Tracer Unit (Acetech Brighter C & Predator MKII)

The Newest Airsoft Tracer Unit (Acetech Brighter C & Predator MKII)

A big thanks to Acetech for working with me to put together this video and for allowing me to review their products the way I want to. The Acetech Brighter C is sure to become another popular option for tracer units for being simple to work with. This is a light, easy to work with, and all around compact unit that works well inside Acetech’s Predator Mk2 suppressor.
The few gripes I have with the Brighter C probably wont scare anyone away from this unit but if for whatever reason you’re not liking this new offering then tell me why in the comments down below. Maybe Acetech will see those comments!

The Acetech Website:

The Acetech Brighter C:

The Acetech Predator MKII:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 The Tracer Unit Is The Most Useful Airsoft Attachment
1:07 A Package From Acetech
1:31 Unboxing The Brighter C & Predator MKII
3:00 The Predator MKII
3:36 The Brighter C
5:02 Charging Instructions
5:34 Pros and Cons
7:14 Final Conclusions
7:56 Are You Impressed?
9:34 Shooting And Final Tests

Thank you all for watching and for your continued support to build this channel! : )

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