THIS SCAR-L DESTROYS! | Wasteland Ops Airsoft | Part 3: Ep. 1 – VFC SCAR-L Gameplay

The beloved SCAR-L, infamous in video game and film culture and also the one gun that everyone seems to like. In this episode, we will be running the VFC SCAR-L with a dual magazine for faster reloads and an added extra coolness factor. Joining us today will be Nick who is testing out his new Russian load-out and the infamous Tactical Snoopy. We hope you enjoy!

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Team – @RWMilSim
Matt D – @RWM_Matt
Nick B – @RWM_Nick
Daniel R – @RWM_Dan
Christian M – @Christian4mac
Joey T – @RWM_No76
Tyler R – @Tyler_Romines
Joe O – @Joethemedic


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