Top 10 Airsoft AK Builds (Airsoft Gun Countdown)

Top 10 Airsoft AK Builds (Airsoft Gun Countdown)

In this edition of The Airsoft Tops Series we take another look into the AK with The Top 10 Airsoft AK Builds! A little over 90 pieces were submitted for this show but only 10 were chosen but just what made it to the program?
So many guns were submitted that Scott thought were simply amazing piecies of hard work but a Top 90 would have been a bit much… Anyway we all hope you enjoy this show but be sure to hit that like button if you’d like to see another come to pass.

10. Custom CYMA Pistol
9. GHK HTS-14
8. Daytona GHK
7. CYMA CM050 East German MPi-Kms Build
6. DBoys AK
5. Sk45 (.45 AK pistol)
4. Real Soviet Union Era wooded Airsoft AK
3. LCT PP-19
2. E&L Ak104?
1. E&L AKS74u

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