Top 10 Airsoft Gas Gun Builds | Real Gun Parts On Airsoft Guns

Top 10 Airsoft Gas Gun Builds | Real Gun Parts On Airsoft Guns

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10.) Adam Spike of Gas blowback central and gas blow back customs – KWA AKG – $750
FDE Strike Industries Keymod Rail system
Madbull OSS Supressor

9.) Alex – WE Tech M16a1 – $850
G&P m203 scar face conversation kit

8.) Alex – Tokyo Marui KSG – $900
gearhead muzzle device
magpul RVG
wii tech choke adapter

7.) Alex Y. – WE 7inch dragon hicapa – $620
large osprey suppresor
folding grip
Cmore red dot and 90 mount
TM barrel rail mount
battlelink stock
custom 3d printed carbine kit
12inch angry gun 6.01 tight bore inner
Maple leaf bucking
Maple leaf I-key
Nineball gas router
Uac hi flow valve and rocket valve
Aw loading nozzle

6.) Richard – WE m14 – $2,000
APS Rhino fibre optic flip up sights
Magpul RVG
Magpul MS3 Sling
Vector optics Holographic sight
Speed airsoft sight shield
real steel Black feather LSP Full length top rail
real steel Archangel M1A Stock
OD rail covers
500 lumen flash light
G&G m14 front sight and thread adapter
Ace1Arms Osprey suppressor
500mm 6.01 Ra-Tec inner barrel
Firefly soft hop bucking
Custom made flat hop arm
Shimmed Hop unit wheel to prevent the hop from backing off
Ra-Tec 150% summer recoil spring
Ra-Tec steel recoil bar
Ra-Tec steel trigger unit
Richard’s Custom home cast Aluminium inner-outer barrel spacer

The rifle is powered by either green gas 20 round magazines or a homemade HPA drum magazine made using a 1500 round Angel Customs Firestorm flash mag

5.) Stein’s GBBs – SRU converted WE SCAR-L – $1,450
Real steel Midwest industries scar extension Rail
Ares sl9 rail uptop
alyan airsoft kit
sru bullpup kit
heavyweight bolt carrier
ra tech steel top carrier
angry gun scar-H lower carrier
standard nozzle with fg-discs
angry gun recoil spring
Ra tech 6.01 370mm inner barrel
maple leaf 75° bucking

4.) Noah – WE SVD/SVU Converstion – $720
matrix pso scope
Russian surplus svd front hand guard
hand carved grip and cheek rest
Russian surplus svd sling
Angel customs muzzle break
maple leaf autobot 75 degree hop up bucking
Maple leaf concave hop up nub
Maple leaf 6.02 455mm inner barrel
Hephaestus steel cnc hammer assembly

3.) Ivan – WE L85a2/L86 LSW Converstion – $1,000 +
ICS butt pad, rear grip, forgrip assemply, outer barrel, and flash hider
WE susat
designed custom one off 3d stainless steel printed ambi magazine release Reaper airsoft HPA electric feed 900 round magazine

2.) Taylor – VFC HK417 – $3,300
Real G28 stock
CIM tactical mr762 m-lok rail
KNS Anti-roll pins
Real steel KAC trigger guard
Harris Engineering bipod modified for Taylor’s M-LOK rail
Home made MR762 bolt catch shelf
Zparts 16 inch steel outer barrel
Zparts steel barrel nut
Magpul MIAD 1.1
VFC G28 flash hider
RWA 2.5-10×28 first focal plane scope
QD 30mm scope mount
10mw green target laser wired inside the peq15 battery box
Ra-Tech steel inner barrel
maple leaf 70° bucking
stainless steel inserts for all threaded holes in the hop-up
brass hop up tensioner plate
Real steel DPMS trigger, trigger sear, and 90° selector
Hephaestus Aluminum buffer

1.) Emmanuel – half airsoft, half real steel WE M4
unmodified colt upper receiver.
custom made outer barrel, sight assembly
real A2 barrel nut
real M231 handguard panels

hand made redesigned extended valve striker
machined aluminum magazine well made from solid blocks of aluminum
hand made extended feedway
machined aluminum loading nozzle
Modified hopup chamber to fit the new nozzle

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