Top 10 Airsoft Guns Everyone Wants – Are These Airsoft Guns Good or Trash?

Top 10 Airsoft Guns Everyone Wants – Are These Airsoft Guns Good or Trash? (The Most Popular Choices For Every Player)

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When you play airsoft for over 6 years and travel around as much as I do, you begin to see some similarities between players. Every type of play style has a certain replica or two that excels more than the others. For the snipers, it’s the VSR-10, for the Speedsofters and SpeedQB players it’s most definitely the HiCapa by Tokyo Marui. There’s a bunch more to go over and that’s exactly what I’m about to lay down for you so you’ll know what most airsofters want in their collections or in their hands when on the battlefield.
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Time Stamps
0:00 10 Airsoft Guns Everyone Wants
1:40 Is The KWA MP7 Still Popular?
3:15 The Legendary KWA Kriss Vector
4:43 What Do Snipers Like?
7:10 One of The Best Airsoft Pistols Ever Made
8:14 Something For Every MilSimer
9:37 The ARP9 & Hi Capa, enough said.
11:31 The G11, AN94, and The SKS
12:10 The Dream Airsoft Sniper
13:21 The Most Wanted Airsoft Gun.
15:17 Saying Thank You & Goodbye

The Top 10 Airsoft Guns Everyone Wants
10.) Gas Blowback MP7 by KWA
9.) Gas Blowback Kriss Vector by KWA
8.) Desert Tech SRS by Silverback
7.) VSR-10 by Tokyo Marui
6.) Mark 23 Socom by Tokyo Marui
5.) H&K 416 by VFC and Elite Force
4.) ARP9 by G&G Armament
3.) Hi Capa by Tokyo Marui
2.) WA2000 by Ares
1.) The Airsoft Minigun

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