Top 10 Cheapest Custom Airsoft Guns

Top 10 Cheapest Custom Airsoft Guns ($0-$120)

I get asked to do more budget friendly countdowns so for this episode of The Airsoft Tops Series, we’ll be taking a look at just 10 of the cheapest custom airsoft builds that are spread all around the world to prove that with just a little creativity, imagination, and craftiness, you too can make something special for as low as zero dollars.

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Time Stamps
0:00 Top 10 Cheapest Custom Airsoft Guns Intro
1:09 Joseph’s $46 Flare Pistol
1:51 Mike’s $70 Fallout Inspired Launcher
2:07 Show Gun’s… What is that?
2:50 Robbie’s Tiny $0 AK
4:07 Connor’s $120 Call of Duty Black Ops MP5K
5:02 Stu’s $10 Apocalypse Build
6:46 These Need To Be Seen
7:23 App&Mann Custom’s 9mm G36 for $60
8:21 Mark’s $118 Nanogun
9:25 The Return of Yagi
10:35 Who Turned This Drill Into A Full Auto Pistol?!
11:20 From Trash To Art
13:18 Wrapping Things Up
14:12 Big Thanks To The Channel Members

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