Top 10 Hi Capa Airsoft Builds – Amazing Airsoft Pistols!

Top 10 Hi Capa Airsoft Builds – Amazing Airsoft Pistols!

5. Richard B. – $2,000
-Airsoft masterpiece infinity R cut sight tracker hybrid standard kit.
-Airsoft surgeon slide catch gold
-Airsoft surgeon QB hammer set gold
-Shooters design hot shot magwell
-Airsoft masterpiece skater terrain grip grey
-AIP gas pedal silver
-nova steel thumb safety silver
-nova steel beaver tail silver
-Airsoft masterpiece puzzle trigger set gold
-steel trigger bar
-nova steel mag release
-AIP fiber front and rear sights
-UAC enhanced hopup unit
-UAC 70°bucking
-6.01 PDI inner barrel
-Airsoft masterpiece competition disconnector set.
-UAC ultra lightweight BBU
-UAC aluminum nozzel
-UAC 125% nozzle spring
-UAC 125% guide rod spring
-UAC 125% hammer spring
-Airsoft masterpiece steel guide rod
-nineball buffer/short stroke set

4. Kevin T. – Union Virus Gold Plague – $800
• Custom anodized Airsoft Masterpiece Limcat slide
• UAC black fixed threaded outer barrel
• UAC black compensator
• Gunsmithbros brass hop up unit
• Gunsmithbros brass hop up wheel
• Mapleleaf 60 degree decepticon bucking
• Nineball 6.00 power barrel
• UAC Ultra lightweight blowback housing
• Stock TM nozzle
• AIP short stroke kit
• AIP 120% nozzle spring
• AIP 120% recoil spring
• UAC Fiber optic sight kit
• TM gold match lower frame
• Figgy “Chaos” stippled grip
• UAC hair trigger leaf spring
• Gold gunsmithbros infinity magwell
• UAC gold adjustable trigger
• UAC gold steel hammer
• Gold gunsmithbros slide catch
• Green speedqb light filter
• Silver TM mags
• WE extended mags
• Gold infinity Airsoft Masterpiece base plates
• CQBrussian HPA taps
• Nineball gaskets

3. Kristof G. – Chamelon – $1,500
Chameleon (nickname) is 100% custom. There is no donor gun used.
(Airsoft masterpiece = AM)
AM LimCat, wildcat edition, perfect sight standard kit
AM Aluminium grip, with cut out infinity logo.
AM magwell
AM steel grip safety
AM steel thumb safety
AM steel slidestop
AIP cocking handle
UAC fiber optic frontsight
Adepot 90° C-more mount
CM C-more red dot.
AM hop up unit
PDI 6.01 112mm precision barrel.
UAC 50° bucking
AM ultra low blowback housing
AIP loading nozzle
UAC 125% nozzle spring
AM steel disconnector & valve knocker
AM CNC steel hammer & seer set
AIP hammer protection pad
AM aluminium trigger
AM steel trigger ring
AM steel sear spring
UAC high speed recoil spring
UAC hammer power tuner kit
AM safety spring plug set
JLP recoil damper set (shortstroke)

2. Andy Y. – $875*
AM triangle slide
AM advance SV frame
AM infinity grip
AM type 10 trigger
AM .38 super fix outer barrel
AM 2.0″ type 3 compensator
AM Infinity SV steel hammer
AM easy set RMR mount
AM Infinity Mag plate
JLP slide racker V4L
AM brass hop-up unit
AM steel hop-up Spring
AM steel trigger bar
UAC leaf Spring
UAC Hi flow valve
UAC aluminium loading nozzle
UAC aluminium nozzle valve blocker
UAC Nozzle valve
UAC shock buffers
UAC hammer power tuner kit
UAC 120% loading nozzle Spring
UAC hi speed recoil Spring
Nine Ball wide hop-up bucking
Nine Ball 7″ 6.00 inner barrel
Nine Ball enhanced magazine lip seal

1. Alex – CY-Capa Customs LLC – Helios – $1,300
Alex’s Shop:

Airsoft masterpiece = AMP
AMP 4.3 steel guide rod
AMP buffer set
UAC Stainless steel outer barrel
AMP Advanced frame
-Custom engraved
-Custom Anodized
AMP Aluminum Grip
AMP Steel Hammer assembly
AMP Sear Spring
AMP Infinity Sv Gold Hammer
AMP Brass hopup unit
Nine ball bucking
Aip nozzle set
AMP ultra light bbu
AMP Stainless steel grip safety
AMP Stainless steel thumb Safety
AIP Stainless steel slide stop/thumb rest
AMP PT 4.3 Slide
-Custom CNC Cut
AMP Puzzle Trigger
Orga 4.3 tightbore barrel
AMP Magbase plate
AIP 140 Spring set
Full auto 87 RPS

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