Top "4" Coolest Airsoft Bullpups – Bullpup Barrett M82, SVU AS

Top “4” Coolest Airsoft Bullpups – Bullpup Barrett M82, SVU AS

In this Airsoft Countdown we take a look by your request at the best looking Bullpup rifles from around the world! We posted the polls on the Gas Gun Association, The Polarstar Owners Group, and the Bullpup Owners Group which in total gained 43 submissions but sadly due to many different reasons so many chosen builds would never respond. That didn’t stop this show though!
So I hope you enjoy this episode but be sure to let us know what you thought about this video

4. Daytona / TNK L85
3. G&G GR25 Bullpup
2. Snow Wolf M82 Bullpup
1. ASG AS SVU Bullpup Conversion

Airsoft Bullpup Owners Group:

Gas Gun Association:

PolarStar Airsoft Owners Group:

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