Top 4 Coolest LMG / HMG Builds (PolarStar Airsoft Countdown)

In this addition of our Airsoft Tops Video Series we take a look at the Top 4 Coolest LMG / HMG Builds that were submitted on the PolarStar Airsoft Owners Group. Make sure to lay down your comments of what you think about PolarStars.

PolarStar Airsoft Owners Group:
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PolarStar Airsoft:
PolarStar Facebook:

4. PolarStar Krytac LMG

3. PolarStar A&K PKM

2. PolarStar Viva Arms M1919
Bingo Airsoft Article:

1. PolarStar M134D Dillon Aero Minigun
Minigun Shooting Test:

IMAirsoft Channel:


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