Top 5 Airsoft LMGs – Which One Should You Buy?

Top 5 Airsoft LMGs – Which One Should You Buy?

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LMGs or light machine guns, a term that some will debate, or over analyze to the tee to dismiss a lot of competition and to limit confusion.
The LMG is quite effectively one of, if not the most effective weapon in any Airsoft game where they are allowed. Which is fitting as this matches their real
life counterparts.
Any aeg user or skilled pistol user for that matter can lay down momentary fire to suppress an enemy however an LMG will do its job and hold down that area as long as the magazine allows it.
I do wonder though how an Airsoft event would look like if over 300 players all had this ability.
Nonetheless for this countdown I wanted to put together a list of the best LMGs to choose from for Airsoft so maybe someone out there can make a much more intelligent decision on their next platform.
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