Top 5 Airsoft Sniper Builds – Bolt Actions & Semi Autos

Top 5 Airsoft Sniper Builds – Our BEST Show Yet! | From Denamrk, Indonesia, and South Carolina

This has got to be the best show we’ve ever put together, At least it felt that way making it. We have so many Airsoft Sniper Rifles to show you today thanks to over 100 submitters and the 20,000 subscribers from all around the world who support us. For today’s countdown we look at the labors of hard work from builders form Indonesia, Denmark and the United States with some amazing bolt actions and semi autos. Now I don’t have to explain anything any further I assume, your hear to enjoy a great show so stop reading this and play the video mate or watch it again for kicks, I don’t know.
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Thank you all for watching and for your continued support to build this channel! : )

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