Top 5 Coolest Airsoft Guns (Fan Submission Special) Episode 2 – Airsoft Countdown

Top 5 Coolest Airsoft Guns (Fan Submission Special) Episode 2

I’m so excited to release this Countdown for you all, this one took longer than I expected and I got a lot of messages regarding its release so here it is for your enjoyment.
Take a ride with us as we go down The Countdown Road with builds from all around the world with our second episode of our Fan Special Submission Countdown.

No joke, 100% serious talk right now. We couldn’t have done even half of the stuff we do now without you guys. We’ve gone from filming with a broken iPhone 4 to filming for Airsoft GI, Airsoft Station, and for almost every field in our state of Texas. We get to do shopping spree giveaways for players without gear, we get to meet hundreds of players who ask us where they can find our footage and we wouldn’t have any of that without you all. From players to enthusiasts and gamers and haters
Thank you. -Scott Slade Hallenbeck

Last Airsoft Countdown
Top 5 H&K Airsoft Builds – Most Expensive Airsoft Gun?!

5. Classic Army M249 HPA – East Coast Reconnaissance
4. Red Tiger G&G F2000
3. Bullpup Classic Army M249
2. Classic Army SA58 – Israeli Wood Kit conversation
1A. Airsoft Blunderbuss
1B. Alien Pulse Rifle

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