Top 5 Coolest DMR Builds (PolarStar Airsoft Countdown)

In this edition of the Airsoft Top 5 we get into a highly requested topic, Designated Marksman Rifles. This has also got to be by far the hardest countdown to judge as every piece was worthy of the number 1 spot but after our judges came to an agreement and a blind vote was taken we finally got this list. Please enjoy and make sure to subscribe for more every week!
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Track: KSHMR – Dead Mans Hand
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5. PolarStar G&P Magpul M4

4. PolarStar Tokyo Marui PSG 1

3. PolarStar VFC MK17 SSR

2. PolarStar Carbon Fiber M4 DMR

1. Dobey/Caferacing VFC HK417 DMR
Scope Information:
Dual Rig Setup:

Video used:


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