Top 5 Custom Airsoft Grenade Launcher Builds – Real & Homemade

Top 5 Custom Airsoft Grenade Launcher Builds – Real & Homemade

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I wanted to do this countdown immediately when I though up the idea but I was scared I wouldn’t get anything submitted like the World War 2 build show but thankfully, I was wrong.
I never had a clue that I’d have so many homemade builds including a legendary build from the Philippines.
From M203s on M14s to blunderbusses and double barrel break action 40mm launchers and even a backpack mortar kit, this is The Top 5 Custom Airsoft Grenade Launchers.

Parts List (SPOILERS)

Bonus 6.)
Matthews homemade 4 barrel launcher – $30
North Carolina Matthew took a caulking gun and just ran with a few crazy ideas.
Those barrels are made from 4 custom bored 1.5 inch PVC pipes with 4 quarter inch firing pins behind them

5.) Yagi from Indonesia: Homemade Launcher – $20
Built originally on a cheap spring shotgun, this interesting launcher was mostly molded from PVC pipe like a lot of his other builds which includes the elevation sight and front body before the stock was made from wood

4.) Dion of the UK for his deactivated Wz.83 Polish Pallad- $736
This fits quite well with his gen 2 E&L AKM with the external parts only consisting of East German flip up night sights and the grenade launchers leather muzzle covers.
For the AKM: 455mm 6.03mm madbull tightbore inner barrel with a Modify flathop bucking and nub
A Sp100 guarder Spring and a shimmed the gearbox

3.) Stephen from the UK for his break action Double Barrel Launcher
Stephen didn’t use anything start with. There isn’t a base gun in this build.
Stephen made the barrels out of some pvc pipe before sanding them down to fit moscart shells
Everything else besides of course the stock was then crafted by its owner from metal ducting and half inch thick plastic sheets that were… ummm borrowed from work.
After this a air rifle stock was fixed and some car body filler was then used to seal some spots

2.) David of North Carolina – $110
It’s all just raw steel, brass, and American walnut.
The steel was welded while the brass trigger parts were silver soldered.
Brass nails, a brass name, a small door latch, and some various screws, bolts and washers then hold the rest of this build together

Bonus: Titus from Washington
Titus used a wood plate that is attached with steel zip ties to mount the tubes, straps to keep the mortars together, then there are a couple Molly clips on the back securing it to the vest he uses.

1.) Carlos of the Philippines – $2,000 Budget
The majority of this China Lake replica is comprised of PVC
with only the stock being made of wood obviously and some sheet metal used here and there.
What makes this custom gun even more impressive is that Carlos only worked with photos and external dimensions derived from pictures of the real thing to work with while all the internal mechanisms had to be thought up by Carlos himself.
The lifter length to accommodate a wider variety of shells also had to be worked.

Videos I used to show the China Lake in action

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