Top 5 Custom Airsoft Sub Machine Gun Builds

Top 5 Airsoft Custom Sub Machine Gun Builds

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Parts List for all ranked builds (SPOILERS)

Carlos of the Philippines – KWA NS2 Mac 11
The whole receiver extension, charging handle extension and Spas 12 look alike folding stock are made of PVC
Inner barrel mod to fit the now longer outer barrel

Andrew of Missouri – Echo 1 GAT
Cqb stock
3d printed full length rail
Mini dot sight
Peq box for a bigger battery
Mock suppressor
Vinyl decals that were created by Andrew’s wife
6.02mm inner barrel
Madbull blue bucking
High speed motor

Chris of New Zealand’s (Palmerston North airsoft club) – Custom 9mm M4
Custom machined mag well and outter barrel made from 32mm solid aluminium bar
The gas tube is also a solid aluminium 10mm rod
The tanker style muzzle brake, stainless steel wire stock based on the mac 10 design, buffer tube made from solid aluminium, and dust cover are all handmade
300mm inner barrel
Short stroked piston with 3 teeth removed Dual sector gear
G36 rear sight
Single under barrel rail with a front grip that conceals the 7.4 lipo battery

Hunter from Michigan – G&G MP5
Real keymod MP5 handguard from H&K parts
Repro T1
Repro PEQ box on a 5inch riser
Gate Titan
SHS 13:1 Gears
SHS Piston
ZCI Cylinder
Lonex Piston Head
Lonex Cylinder Head
Prometheus M120 Spring
ZCI High Torque Motor
ZCI 220mm Inner Barrel
Flathopped G&G Green bucking

Pascal of Sweden – 3d printed conversion of the ASG Scorpion EVO 3 A1
Pascal created a new magazine release, a new adjustable stock, a two part body consisting of a cover for the pistol grip and trigger and one that extends to the rail, a complete front grip with trigger and built the front grip.

Some pictures have have a HBI style rail with some tweaks to fit the the gun like a 20mm rail on the bottom instead of M-Lok, lastly some have a XM177 flash hider juts because he loves that hider the most.
All this took countless hours of tweaking, reprinting, fitting but not all that much in expenditures since only $40 was spent over the course of 17 prototypes in 6 months.

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