Top 5 H&K Airsoft Builds – Most Expensive Airsoft Gun?!

Top 5 HK Airsoft Builds – Most Expensive Airsoft Gun?!

In the last countdown I showed you just a few of the ideas for countdowns we have planned out and you guys voted up for the H&K show. Well I guess we’ll make an awesome H&K countdown… From the G3, the HK33 to the UMP, and the G28 we bring you all some of the greatest builds from around the globe. I’m really excited about this one and I hope you are too. This is just one of the many countdowns on USAirsoft so be sure to check out more of our Top Series if you want to get more build action, that a thing now. Build Action, trademark that or we will.

5. PolarStar G&G UMP 45 – $750
4. HK53K Custom – $40
3. CA33 w. G3 wood kit – $235
2. Umarex VFC G28 – $10,500
1. Umarex VFC 416 CQB – $1,300
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