TOP 5 NEW AIRSOFT GUNS at SHOT Show from Lancer Tactical – 2017

Lancer Tactical at SHOT Show 2017! We’re showing off some of the new electric airsoft guns from Lancer Tactical!

1. The Advance Recon Carbine (LT-18)
Time: 0:20
Available Now!

2. Vikhr “Whirlwild” assault rifle AEG (LT-714)
Time: 2:05
Coming Soon

3. Vintorez “Thead Cutter” Sniper Rifle AEG (LT-711)
Time: 3:20
Coming soon

4. LT-02D M4 AEG
Time: 4:25
Coming Soon

5. High speed M4 pistol prototype (LT-708)
Time: 6:45
Available in a few months

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